Lead Pastors: Paul Andrew & Andi Andrew


When Pastors Paul and Andi Andrew made the decision to move with their kids from Sydney to New York City to plant Liberty Church they only knew two people in the city. That was 2010, and just a few short years later what started as a dream has flourished into a dynamic, growing community that is making a difference in NYC and beyond.

Paul Andrew, Lead PastorPastor Paul Andrew – Lead Pastor
Paul was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and gave his life to Jesus at age 16. Since then his passion has been the local church. More than two decades of full-time ministry have spanned church, government and community-based organizations. In 2008, Paul launched his own business called The Leadership Coach, and in his spare time he continues to work around the world in the corporate sector as a professional speaker and management consultant. Today as Lead Pastor of Liberty Church with Andi he also serves as a coach for the Association of Related Churches, helping others launch new churches especially in urban centers and the northeast.

Andi Andrew, Lead PastorPastor Andi Andrew – Lead Pastor
Andi grew up in Spokane, Washington and met Paul in Bible college in Australia. She truly is an outstanding and sought-after preacher and carries the leadership of Liberty Church together with Paul. Andi’s years of ministry have shaped her with a passion to see people experience real freedom and it’s little wonder her leadership and ministry have such a lasting impact. As well as building the church, she’s blessed with four incredible kids…three boys and a little princess. They’re not the normal New York family but they’re convinced normal is over-rated anyway.

Liberty Church is really a team though, not a couple, not superstars – just a team of ordinary people doing extraordinary things as they serve their city. You can meet some of the team here.

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  1. Mavis GreenNo Gravatar says:

    Liberty Church will be our home SOON! We love you guys and can’t wait to join in the cause in NYC!

  2. NormanNo Gravatar says:

    hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always like browsing your site.

    – Norman

  3. VanessaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey guys, or more like Paul. It’s Vanessa, the C.S Lewis girl from Union Market :) I’m just commenting beacause I forgot to tell you that I’m totally jealous that you know Brooke Fraser personally. :) I will be calling your wife soon (I hope you told her that you gave me her number because it’ll be really weird if I call and she doesn’t know who I am)
    Gdo bless hopefully I’ll see you around Union Market :)

  4. Paul AndrewNo Gravatar says:

    That’s great Vanessa! I told Andi about you when I got home from the store. It’s a small world hey… no coincidence our paths crossed!

  5. vanessaNo Gravatar says:

    I dont’t believe in coincedenses. So I believe that God really wants me to attend your church. So I will go. Just need to know what day and time is service. And exactly where is the church?

  6. I’m looking forward to attending your launch on Jan 23rd. I will be bringing my 17 year old daughter. I have a home church, but she doesn’t. She’s not your average teenager. Her desire is to be part of 3 worlds, to make a difference, to be a part of something greater and the Lord spoke to me and told me, she will do great things to honor and glorify HIM! Please keep us in prayer. Many blessings! Marleene

  7. Paul AndrewNo Gravatar says:

    That’s great news Marlene! I have passed your email onto Andi so she will be in touch within days. Talk soon,
    Paul Andrew

  8. emmanuelNo Gravatar says:

    . I sugest that put in the billboard ( in the front and laterals that the church have many translator, it can attract more people>

  9. Dear servants of God,
    Greetings to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Am very much happy to know you through your website. Am very much happy for the work you are doing and the true teachings of grace which i have gone through and truly am touched. On behalf of the church and orphanage under my leadership we are very much happy to send this letter to you. I take the promise from Mathew 7.7 and approach you. I may be knocking at your door at an odd time, but with the promise that it will be fulfilled, We are requesting for affiliation from your organization so that we continual sharing the love of Christ with broken world and in the midst of the poorest community. (Isaiah 61:1). A world which is desperately in need of the saving grace and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    We are a team of youngsters with a great zeal and enthusiasm to extend the kingdom of God in Africa, I have a small church in Kenya. Our aim is to visit every nook and corners of Kenya villages and promote the Gospel to every perishing soul. We really hope to see a great deal of harvest in the coming days. In this regard we earnestly wish for your leadership and guidance,
    We are doing the work of God here in Nairobi Kenya, The capital City of Kenya, we are very much ready for any direction from you by God’s grace.

    We have also orphans children home because of the rate of dead leaving children without parents, At such facts we bring some of the orphans to us on look after them by collecting money from our local people. But many times the money collected in that way is beyond the reach of their basic needs. At present we are looking after 80 orphans children. When we found them they were in a very pathetic condition. They continually cried for they lost parents. Some midnight’s many of them got up and cried bitterly for their lost mother and father. It was beyond our level to console them they are gradually getting accustomed to our love and care.
    We have to provide them clothes and coverings. Feed them twice a day. Send them to school and buy their educational material and pay their medical bills. Now a day’s prices shave gone up so high that a common man cannot reach them. In such a condition we are not able to feed them and meet their needs properly. If we forsake them to their fate their precious lives will be ruined. In this regard we approach you for your kind prayer to wipe out the continuous stream of tears on their tender cheeks and fill their little bellies with a little food. As we have shared with the orphan children about this letter to you they have already started to pray that our Heavenly Father may bring you their way.
    We have our co- Church workers in different villages. We all work together for the extension of the kingdom of God. All our co-workers are very poor. They have no proper shelter and no permanent church buildings. some gather under trees for worship. They have their families to hunger and uncured and go for Gospel work. Many days in a month they face foodlessness. Our ministry really consists of starvation, anxieties, rebellions, mockeries etc., but we are persistent in the Gospel work to save the perishing souls, We wholeheartedly invite you to Kenya for Church conference. Please come once to encourage us in our ministry. Every year we conduct Conference, Crusades and conventions. Would you be a main speaker in one of our conventions or Conference? If you kindly write me your convenient date we will arrange meetings. We really need your interference to bless us in our ministry. Our co-workers are regularly very burdening fully praying to God to send any mighty man like you to support them with the word of God and help the orphans Children. We really believe that God will show you our agonies and groaning.
    Please commit yourself to co-operate with us and encourage us in the way you can as Lord enables you. We entirely depend on your kind involvement. We very hopefully and prayerfully await your kind and favorable letter. All our workers, church people, and orphan children are sending their heartily greetings to you. I am waiting for your reply.
    Thanking you
    In His Love, You can check our site
    Pastor Moses Kenyanya.

  10. Dear Family of God the Father,
    Greetings from Kenya Africa in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,hoping that all is well with you there where you are.
    First i thank our Lord for God for giving me such wonderful opportunity to go through your website where by i have found great things!! The Lord is doing in your ministry through you! i pray that God continue to use you more effectively in this end time to reach more lost souls to Christ Jesus by the such true Gospel.I,therefore am very much interested to join hands with you if you will accept our requests for Affiliation.
    We are a young growing ministry that needs a mentor,in our ministry at this time we care for 26 total orphan children,we teach them to live for Christ,s Character,we also teach and train our church members in order to make more disciples for Christ Jesus Kingdom,we are a church planting ministry focused to preach the gospel and reach more lost souls in rural & urban areas where God will send us to take His gospel.We have to follow our Lord God,s directions.I please request you to partner with us through your prayers& i f your ministry is blessed with some Bibles,training Christian books for the children , Adult and youths or for church leaders ,also if you have any articles for Evangelism work , please you are welcome and feel free to send any help you have to us, you will be of great help to our ministry and you will be appreciated.
    May the Lord God bless you,our postal Address are 3217-Code 40200 Kisii-Kenya East Africa,my mobile phone is +254712491678
    Hope to hear from you soon please!
    Yours in Christ pastor Thomas Okinyi

    Greetings in Jesus name, how are you hope fine the same applies to me.
    First I am Reverend Philip Maiyo from Kenya and I have ministry called Peace community, I have 40 pastors and 100 evangelists and my churches are widely spread in 12 counties of Kenya. This ministry of mine consist of mainly the people from the minority group of people called the Ogieksengwer
    The main request to you is that we need to partnership together so that our vision of spreading the word of God to the whole world will be fulfilled, also in joining together we will be able to sustain and help this community to be self-dependent even in terms of businesses since we have orphans and widows with us,

    Also my community still live in very low standards of living and if we shall partnership together things like building schools and churches and bible school,also we shall build one hospital so that all the people from this community we benefit,we are also requsting banks to join hand together with us so that we can proceed together.

    Also we are proposing for we makea schedule in which we shall be visiting one another from to time also we shall join our churches and your to be one thing.

    Rev Philiph Maiyo
    e-mail: [email protected]

    NB: please have this letter and read trough it while being guided by the holy spirit and please reply to me when you have read it.

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