Partnering With The Covenant House Through Liberty Sisterhood & Liberty City

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Partnering With The Covenant House Through Liberty Sisterhood & Liberty City

No Comments 26 March 2014

Over the course of this past year, we’ve had the honor of nurturing a partnership with The Covenant House. Covenant House is a Homeless Teen Shelter in the heart of New York City. Through Liberty City NYC, we hosted workshops for writing, acting, music, job readiness, etc. It was a unique opportunity to forge strong relationships with the teens that temporarily find shelter there.


On November 6th, 2013, Liberty Sisterhood took this relationship to the next level. Our Cause Party supported The Mother & Child Program, and we made a promise to adopt these young mothers into the Liberty Church family. For 8 weeks, a team of us met every Monday evening to study Kris Vallotton’s book, Supernatural Ways of Royalty. We partnered the study with workshops ranging from vision boards, painting, sewing, dancing, Pilates, baby sleeping, massage therapy, and teen advocacy.


photo 1

photo 5

Throughout this time, we had the honor of teaching them about their true identity in the eyes of our Father God, breaking the cycle of past generations, and prayed with them for the problems they were facing. Many prayers were answered and light was shed on some dark parts of their life.

Last week we kicked off another round of gathering for 8 weeks with “Purity in Pumps,” a dance/workout class hosted by two of our Liberty Sisterhood members, Shirlene Quigley and Nina Sigler. We rented out PMT studio and over 20 girls/guys from Covenant House joined forces with 20 plus professional dancers and our Liberty Sisterhood Team. Not only did everyone learn choreographed routines, but Shirlene spoke life into their dreams and inspired them how to never compromise their purity as a Christian in NYC.


We have exciting times ahead filled with a continuation of the book study, workshops including journaling, and continuing our Purity in Pumps dance classes.

If you are interested in joining us please contact me at [email protected].

We are so excited to see what God has in store for these beautiful young ladies & their children!

by Gina Guercia

Relationship Spotlight: The Importance of Covenant Friendship

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Relationship Spotlight: The Importance of Covenant Friendship

No Comments 24 March 2014

When we think about “relationships,” our minds often jump to cupid-covered stories of dating, marriage and romance. However, some of the most important (and most plentiful!) relationships we’ll have throughout our lives are the relationships we build with friends.

Covenant friendships are different: they run deeper than chatting around the coffee maker at work or casual conversations about reality TV. They are inspired by God’s relationship with us, and they happen when two friends — fueled by their relationships with Jesus — commit to supporting each other on a spiritual level.

Gracie Gordon and Jessi Green met three years ago at a Liberty Sisterhood event. Their covenant friendship started with a humble baked good.

“Jessi was eating these blondies I had made, and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh they’re so good!’” Gracie recalls. “I told her thanks, and we pretty much instantly became best friends.”

Food continues to be a very important part of Gracie and Jessi’s relationship– brunch is one of their favorite things to do together.

 But it’s the discussions that happen between pancakes that make their relationship so unique.

 “One of the things that makes our friendship so strong is that whatever happens, whether good or bad, we have to talk about every single aspect of the situation,” Gracie says. “We call it ‘verbally processing.’”

Gracie explains that her and Jessi’s individual relationships with God are responsible for making their friendship different than others.

“Jessi was the first person outside my family I knew that I could truly trust,” Gracie says. “And that trust came out of our mutual relationship with God. We knew this friendship was based on something bigger than what we each got out of it, so there was never any competition between the two of us like in some girl friendships.”

Gracie and Jessi are there for each other on a spiritual level, too: they text each other prayer requests almost daily.

“Just because we love each other doesn’t mean we won’t call each other out on things, either,” Gracie says. “And when we argue, it’s because we want the best for the other.”

In fact, Gracie calls their friendship one of her “greatest evangelical tools:” when she and Jessi are out on the town, people almost always ask how they met.

We’re reminded that our friendship is part of a bigger kingdom purpose.

“When we tell them we met at church, it opens up a whole conversation,” she explains. “And every time that happens, it brings us closer together because we’re reminded that this is part of a bigger kingdom purpose.”

Gracie says her rock-solid friendship with Jessi is a result of getting plugged in to the Liberty community during her early days in New York. If you’re looking to develop more covenant friendships, Gracie recommends finding a community — especially in church — where you’ll be surrounded by positive people whose goal is to encourage you and help you grow.

Join the Liberty community for our Relationships Seminar next Saturday to learn more about developing covenant friendships and to hear more real-life stories from those in our church family!


by Suzy Strutner

Relationship Seminar: March 29th

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Relationship Seminar: March 29th

1 Comment 16 February 2014

You were created for connection! God’s design is for you to flourish in every area of life and that includes healthy relationships. Yet it’s an area of our lives we so easily forget to really invest in.

We invite you to join us for a very practical and highly motivating day that will equip you for success in one of the most important areas of your life- your relationships. From friendships to family, from dating to marriage & raising kids, there will be something for everyone at every stage of life.

Saturday March 29th
10am – 6pm
St Paul’s German Church, Chelsea
Register online 

Ps Steve and Sharon - Updated

Guest Speakers: Steve and Sharon Kelly are the Senior Pastors of Wave Church in Virginia Beach. Since taking on the church in 1999 the church has experience rapid growth and today has multiple congregations across the region, and is a church with influence around the world including a TV program reaching 70 nations. Their passion is to help people live life well and together they’ll encourage, challenge and inspire you with practical teaching and a wealth of personal experience in building healthy relationships.


  • Register online at or you can use the registration form at church and drop it in the offering container or bring it to the Connections Desk on Sundays.
  • Registration includes all sessions & breakouts, as well as light refreshments at morning tea & afternoon tea (local lunch options will be provided).
  • Liberty Kids United are having their own program too, especially designed to help kids build healthy relationships. Nursery to Grade 5. Free with their parent’s registration.

Early Bird (until Sun Mar 2nd)

Individual $35
Couple or Family $60

Regular Registration

Individual $45
Couple or Family $80

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you there.

[email protected]


Union Square 5pm Service + Superbowl Party: February 2nd

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Union Square 5pm Service + Superbowl Party: February 2nd

1 Comment 27 January 2014

This year, the Superbowl takes NY…

So clear your calendar for the best Superbowl party yet! The Liberty Church Superbowl Party kicks off on February 2nd, and you’re invited to take part in the festivities. Come one, come all, bring a guest, and make new friends.

superbowlFor this special Sunday:

The Union Square Community will NOT be having a 7pm Service. THIS SUNDAY ONLY -


Liberty Church Union Square
30 E 16th St
(between W Union Sq & 5th Ave)
4:30pm Guest Lounge opens
5pm Service

Superbowl Party at 6:30 at Harding’s

6:30pm we will head to Harding’s 3 streets away for church for the SuperBowl Party
Harding’s (32 East 21st Street)
This is a great opportunity to invite friends along that don’t attend Liberty Church.
website superbowl

2 steps to attend Superbowl Party:

Step 1: RSVP Here:

Step 2: The party is being hosted by FreelyBe. Make sure to say “FreelyBe” at the door for entrance to the party + for food and drink specials!

Annual Christmas Tree Chop Down! November 30th

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Annual Christmas Tree Chop Down! November 30th

No Comments 19 November 2013

It’s time to let your inner Paul Bunyan out again!

Our annual Christmas Tree Chop Down takes place November 30th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and as always, it’ll be a wonderful & memorable outing for the entire family to enjoy.

Just imagine a day of:
hot chocolate
farm animals
shopping for specialty gifts
TREES of all shapes & sizes
and more!

d166642c9ddb1999572cefb69e7787c5It’s also a great time to take fun photos and make new memories with your Liberty Church family.


We’ll be meeting at 11 am at Jones Family Farms in Shelton, CT.
For those who don’t want to cut down a tree, there’s a great selection of precut options, as well as a wine tasting room, gift shop & snacks to purchase!

Depending on the weather, it may  be muddy or snowing, so be sure to wear heavy boots and dress warmly.

To sign up or get more info, including carpooling options, check out our Facebook page or talk to us at the Connections desk at either community. We’ll see you there!

The Battle Of Brooklyn

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The Battle Of Brooklyn

No Comments 06 November 2013


On August 27th, 1776, General George Washington and ten thousand men of the Continental Army fought what became known as the Battle Of Brooklyn against thirty-two thousand British soldiers.


It was the first battle after the Declaration of Independence the month before. It was also the largest battle of the entire Revolutionary War in terms of soldiers fielded.Brooklyn was a strategic city then, and it is even more so today. In many ways, the Battle of Brooklyn is still being fought today in 2013.

In days gone by, Brooklyn was often referred to as the “City of Churches” but our enemy is real and he has waged a spiritual war that in many parts has taken a heavy toll. Yet, across Brooklyn, it seems that a wave of church planting is increasing in all kinds of neighborhoods, and Liberty Church Brooklyn hopes to be a part of seeing the tide turn.


Personally, I love Brooklyn. Andi and I have lived here with our kids since we first moved to New York City. It’s really like seeing a dream come to pass to plant this new Liberty community in the borough that we love so much.
In many ways, we’ve been pastoring Brooklyn all along. But now we’re “making it official” and launching Sunday services so the Kingdom has one more stake in the ground here… one more battalion sent into the fray for the new Battle Of Brooklyn.
Pastor Paul Andrew
- Brooklyn Pastor & Lead Pastor, Liberty Church
Union Square Community New Venue Launch

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Union Square Community New Venue Launch

No Comments 10 September 2013

“I don’t know anything about this church, what they believe in, or what they’re doing, but I do know this – I’m so drawn to these people. There’s just something different about them.” These are the words from a friend that first brought me to Liberty almost exactly three years ago, several months before the official launch.


Back then, we were an unlikely conglomeration of former Sydney-dwellers, freshto-the-city college students, business people, and insanely cute kids meeting once a week for dinner, dreaming of what could happen in a church called “Liberty.”

While this beautiful church is still an unlikely conglomeration of people from all over the world, we’re at least now a little more organized, much more sure of who we are and what we’re about, and we now take up much more space than the twenty of us used to in Paul and Andi’s first apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.


And it’s still just the beginning.

As the seasons change from summer to fall (to some people’s dismay and others’ celebration), Liberty’s Union Square community moves from New York Film Academy into the Union Square Ballroom September 15th, 2013. This transition couldn’t come at a more perfect time. We’ve been growing throughout this entire summer, when every statistic screams that our numbers should be dwindling. We’ve seen breakthroughs in provision, physical healing, and spiritual freedom.

Liberty Church Union Square is led by Lead Pastors Paul and Andi Andrew and Community Pastor Parker Green. The Union Square Community is alive with heartfelt worship, an eclectic crowd that represents the heart of New York City and inspiring messages that are both practical and inspirational.

new venue web2



I’m thrilled for this new venue. I’m even more thrilled to be a part of a community that, no matter where we are and what we’re going through, truly loves each other and pushes each other to higher highs and deeper depths in our individual relationships with God.




I’m so grateful to the New York Film Academy and its staff for serving us so well through our beginning phases. I am, however, looking forward to a venue that fits our community better both in atmosphere and in size.

The words of my friend still ring in my ear three years and many changes later: “I’m so drawn to these people.” Itwas true three years ago, and it becomes more and more true every day. I can’t wait to see the lives God adds to our unlikely conglomeration of dreamers as we make more space for him to add to our numbers.

By: Tia Brown
Twitter/Instagram: @TiaMorganBrown

Liberty Church Union Square New Venue Promo from LibertyChurchNYC on Vimeo.

Liberty Sisterhood : Best Friends Edition

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Liberty Sisterhood : Best Friends Edition

No Comments 06 September 2013

This season’s Sisterhood Night In is ONE WEEK AWAY, and I couldn’t be more excited! There’s something so beautiful and unique that happens when the women of our church gather together to worship, learn, chat (and EAT) together, and I truly believe that every time we meet, we are propelled forward to new heights in our relationship with Jesus, and with each other as His daughters.


Speaking of relationships with other women, that is exactly what we’ll be focusing on this coming Sisterhood! Andi & Rhema will be sharing wisdom they’ve learned throughout the years about building meaningful, lasting & healthy friendships with the women in their lives. No matter how many friends we may have had in our lives, I believe there are always areas in which we can grow and learn about being an even better friend to those in our world, so I’m definitely planning on taking some notes this Sisterhood!


In preparation for this evening, I reached out to a few girls in our church whose friendships with each other define true sisterhood, and asked about some characteristics that they see demonstrated in their relationships with each other. Here are a few of their insights:


The Besties:


Jessi Marquez (soon to be Green!) & Gracie Gordon

Screen-Shot-2013-09-04-at-8.30.12-AM.pngJessi: “Gracie and I met at the first Sisterhood Girls Night in – after that we were inseparable.  I think what makes our friendship unique is that we have managed to be best friends, business partners, roomies and do ministry together. Gracie has been there for me through the highest and lowest moments and always believes the best in me. We can laugh and joke about ridiculous things and also have conversations that are life changing.

I love that God is in our friendship. When we give advice, we invite God into our conversations. We hold each other accountable and draw out the calling in each other’s lives.

I’ve learned through our friendship how to listen, the importance of being on time, understanding that people think differently than you and most importantly that you can give advice but it doesn’t mean you control their lives – that even if they don’t take your advice, you are still there for them and show grace. You never ever without friendship and open communication is key. If I ever do anything to offend Gracie – we talk about it freely and make up. We don’t hold grudges and we remember how much we care about each other! Lastly – we never slander or share the secrets we tell each other!”

Gracie: “I agree with everything Jessi said!! To add…

Our friendship redefined what I thought girl friends were. I always thought it was impossible to have girl friends that weren’t at least sort of competitive. Jessi and I truly put each other before ourselves. We put it as “always being on each other’s team.

Our friendship also showed me that it’s possible to fully trust people – Jessi is the first person I truly trusted outside of family members

Our friendship has now grown to being not just about us, but using our friendship as a ministry in itself. We want to show other girls what it looks like to truly be a good friend… we want to share the things we’ve learned together.”


Sunni Spencer & Kristine Banasik

@SunniDSpencer @Kbanasik


Sunni: “I met Kristine and our friendship was organic and instantaneous. Kristine and I share core values, and in any type of relationship, that is key. There is a level of trust and truth in our friendship that is truly unique. I know God blessed us with this quality of friendship because we share those same values in our faith. Talking about our beliefs and experiences after being saved is like friendship on steroids… a natural high! Kristine and I have both been through good times and bad since becoming friends. Despite the circumstance, we have either celebrated together or have been there to lift one another up.”


Jenn Nelson & Trish Archuleta

@JenniferKailey @SincerelyTrish


Jenn: “Mine and Trish’s friendship truly started one night at a dingy diner, where she actually asked me to be her best friend.  I said yes, and the rest is history. 

 Trish and I had a conversation with a mutual friend recently, giving some advice on one of their friendships. It made me realize how, in a way, it needs to be treated like a guy/girl relationship.  We need to make time for each other, be there for each other, but at the same time, out of love (always coming from love) we need to challenge each other.  My friendship with Trish is the most real friendship I’ve ever had.  It can get messy and uncomfortable, but we are both centered in our relationships with God.  So from that place, we teach, learn, grow and encourage one another to continue to dive into the things God has for us, and to not give up.  We refuse to let the other settle for less than what God created us for.

 She likes emotions, and I hate them, so she makes me feel the things I’m feeling.  In my life, I usually would tuck these things away, which is comfortable, yet so unhealthy.  Although in these moments I’m not thrilled with her, she’s taught me so much about relationships, myself, and God’s grace.  She also has fantastic taste, and we both love tacos.”

Trish: “Jenn and I have been friends for 1 year this month. I think we have spent 364 of those 365 days hysterically laughing together, and the one day missed was because Jenn was out of town. I love my friendship with Jenn because we are as opposite as they come. We think and we see things differently, but in that, we can challenge on another to move forward, see things in a new way, or just get over ourselves ( when needed).”


I hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse into the real-life friendships of girls in our church, and I can’t wait to see YOU at Sisterhood next week!

By: Emily Rodriguez

Twitter/Instagram: @emilycrodriguez



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