She Is Free

She is Free is a movement committed to helping women rediscover femininity, and experience true freedom – spirit, soul and body. Every year the women of Liberty Church host the She is Free Conference – where women from all over New York City and around the world gather to be changed from the inside out, and empowered to administer freedom in their sphere of influence. During She is Free, women hear from different speakers, worship, receive prayer, rally to bring freedom to others and build lasting relationships with other women.

She Is Free 2017 Video Invitation

She Is Free 2016 Recap.

She Is Free : Megan’s Story

Guest Speakers

Andi Andrew

Christa Black-Gifford

Dr. Caroline Leaf

October 5-7, 2017
New York City-NYC
Hosts: Paul and Andi Andrew
Guest Speakers:  Andi Andrew, Christa Black-Gifford And Dr.Caroline Leaf
For more information about She Is Free, how to get involved or register, please visit our website at or email [email protected].